Communications Cold Lake offers integrated security solutions for companies that need to monitor work sites, environmental sites, and buildings for security reasons.

Intrusion Systems & Monitoring

Communications Cold Lake offers a variety of security system equipment depending on the requirements of your site. Our experienced staff have the expertise and knowledge to design a system that meets your needs. Install and maintain the system for years to come. With our communication card of choice, a dual path communicator that uses a standard internet connection and an onboard cellular connection. Creating four paths of communication so you never have to worry about the monitoring company not getting a signal. The card also allows us to remotely monitor your security system health. As well as make any necessary changes if needed with ease. Both are included in the purchase of a security system from Communications Cold Lake.

24-Hour Protection

Not only do we install the equipment that protects your property from break-ins, but we also can install 24-hour protection devices such as smoke alarms that will contact the fire department, and water detectors that can notify you before it’s too late.


We use a Canadian ULC-listed company with the closest command center in Edmonton, Alberta. With multipule more accross Canada.





Image of security computer



Video Surveillance

If you are looking to protect your property with cameras, Then Communications Cold Lake might be the right choice for you, we offer a wide variety of devices, And with our experienced staff working closely with you we design a system that you want and that meets industry standards. With the installation of a video surveillance system from Communications Cold Lake, Provided the system is giving internet we can remotely monitor your system’s health as well as make any necessary changes.

Equipment We Use

As a Hikvision dealer, our video surveillance products are of the best quality. Hikvision is the North American leader in award-winning products and solutions for video surveillance.

We are also able to install multiple other brands. So please reach out if you’re looking for a specific brand of camera.

Access Control

For access control, Communications Cold Lake offers keycards, along with the software required to manage the system. Implementing an access control system in your office or building not only allows for simple and efficient accessibility to the people who need it, but it also works as a means of security by limiting access to the public.

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